Jackpot coverage by EMIRAT

At a time in which the popularity of lottery games is steadily increasing and jackpots are pushed sky-high, it is absolutely essential to cover your jackpots. But because of the variety of lottery insurances, it is difficult to choose the right one for your business. You need a jackpot insurance which offers the maximum level of flexibility & reliability.

This is where EMIRAT is the perfect partner for you!  With our tailor-made solutions and fast reactivity, EMIRAT offers a unique service which fully protects your financial risks.

So, with EMIRAT as your chosen lottery insurer, you need not worry, if one of your clients hits the jackpot.   Our prize insurance means that the financial risk of a winner is removed from the outset and any pay-out is guaranteed by us!

Prize insurance & Jackpot coverage – Why choose EMIRAT?

See below for the advantages of choosing EMIRAT for your lottery insurance at a single glance:

  • long-lasting experience & knowledge with lotteries worldwide
  • individual coverage set up for your product portfolio
  • neutrality and discretion as non-competitor
  • 24/7 multilingual service, support and availability
  • quick and flexible reactivity
  • guaranteed complete cost transparency at all times
  • direct processing of claims
  • flexible data transfer
  • own secure server & database

You can get in touch with us at any time via email, telephone or come and see us at our offices – we are looking forward to seeing you!

The Advantage of Prize coverage & Prize insurance

If you are concerned about the costs for such a lottery insurance, don´t worry! It doesn´t matter how much prize money you have to pay out – you just pay a determined fraction, which follows a simple formula.

Furthermore, our team here at EMIRAT has a combined experience of over 20 years, not only in jackpot coverage, but also in risk-management & lottery marketing.  We welcome local and international customers to contact us for a confidential tailored proposal to help give your business a competitive edge.

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