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The world’s leading risk management specialist in covering lottery jackpots – EMIRAT AG

Founded in 2004 in Munich, Germany, EMIRAT AG’s core business focused on covering a large number of prize and redemption risks from hole in ones, right up to big consumer marketing campaigns.

Since 2011, EMIRAT AG has been giving financial security for lotteries all over the world. Today we are the recognized leading specialist for removing the financial risk of jackpot winners, covering in excess of 100 billion Euros in 2015.

EMIRAT AG’s expertise doesn’t just stop purely at the risk removal; we also help to develop new, fun and thrilling lottery games for established state lotteries, new online lotteries or even mobile lotteries. With EMIRAT AG as your partner, if you have a winner – we’ve got the jackpot covered!

Attractive and covered jackpots: Boost your success!

To prevail against competitors with nearly identical profiles is nowadays the biggest challenge of every business. The search for brilliant ideas, which will let the own business stand out from the crowd, is omnipresent.

As a lottery operator there are usually two possibilities to reach this aim. Either by offering an interesting product which is unique on the market or by attracting clients with spectacular jackpots, making other comparable online games looks secondary.

But besides getting more players, it’s also essential for lottery operators to cover their jackpots!

Playing lotteries covered by risk management with EMIRAT AG: fast, simple, rewarding

Experience has shown that three principles are crucial for successfully attracting players: to participate in the lotteries must not be so complex that it takes the player too much time. After all, playing the lotteries should be a fun experience for the players and not something that steals their time.

Accordingly, the system of the game needs to be clear and easily comprehensible: most people of the usually young target group do not want to bother themselves too long with explanatory introductions. The players want to easily understand the system and only invest a limited amount of time.

Ultimately, the incentive to play must be high enough in order to attract as many participants as possible. The prospect of a prize worth one billion dollars represents an entirely different stimulus compared to a jackpot prize worth “only” a few thousand dollars.

Prize coverage & lottery insurance: This is how it works

You tell us which state lotteries you want to offer, define the jackpots and send us all your entries in time before the draw of the official state lottery takes place. Included in our lottery insurance is to calculate the premium of every draw and in case of a claim we will payout the winning amount immediately after completing all necessary checks.

The prize coverage works with a prepaid-system: once the initially agreed deposit amount is used up, you stock up your “account balance” with the agreed amount (flexible) and future fees will then be deducted from this balance. We keep you up to date by providing you with an overview after every draw of the lottery jackpot. No worries – you do not have to permanently track your balance: our lottery insurance system will supportively inform you in time once it is foreseeable that the balance will soon be used up.

Your own ideas, even those going beyond the official lottery games, are very welcome and we are happy to support you besides giving a suitable insurance, also in creating an exciting and attractive lottery experience!

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